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Thursday, October 12, 2006

John Peel talking about radio at the Big Chill 2003

John Peel talking about radio at the Big Chill 2003

To celebrate Peel Day, we've decided to podcast thoughts from the man himself, from the You Are Hear archive shows. This extract of the late great John Peel talking about his work were recorded at a discussion on the future of radio at the big chill festial back in 2003. It was a chance for many Peel fans to hear his thoughts and experiences of working at radio one. It certainly seems even more prescient in current times.
RADIO ACTIVE - Debate, 3rd August, Media Mix Tent, Big Chill
panel JOHN PEEL (Radio 1),CLIVE CRASKE (Big Chill FM / Greenradio), MAGZ HALL (Resonance FM/,

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