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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knifehandchop, Gay Against You, Countryside Alliance Crew live at the Glade

You Are Hear Glade Festival Special Podcast July 2006

Magz Hall brings a special You Are Hear show featuring highlights from the Glade Festival featuring live sets from:


Knifehandchop is electronic musician Billy Pollard from Toronto, Canada. He started programming electronic beats when he was 18.
Knifehandchop takes from many different influences and styles, and mixes them together into a form of bastard pop. He uses elements from ragga, techno, hardcore, hip-hop and electro.
He has released vinyl and CD's on labels such as Tigerbeat6 and Irritant records.

Wrong music's farmer Squad back in action with
there first live show of 2006. Yardcore remixes of
the Wurzels, Booty bass Emerdale theme tune mashups
and 20+ farmers yielding bling horse brasses and
mixing in tracktor, get ready for a rural takeover.

Gay Against you

Glaswegian keytar playing noise-pop-midicore duo GAY AGAINST YOU consisting of Joe Howe aka GERMLIN & Lachlann Rattray aka YOKO OH NO!
"Gay Against You are part of a fine mentalist tradition that spans Atari Teenage Riot, Denim and Diamonds, Les Savy Fav, Devo and, er, Dweeb and are a breath of fresh air in the often po-faced pretentious Glasgow noise/improv scene."

Live Bongra special from the Glade is now also podcast check it out