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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Green Man Festival Special Feat. Nalle, Juana Molia and Tunng

Nalle, Juana Molia and Tunng live Green Man Festival Special Podcast August 2006

This show brings together some highlights from this year's Green Man festival, held in the dramatically beautiful surrounds of the Brecon Beacons in late August. For the last four years the festival has grown in size, bringing together a diverse selection of artists all influenced in some way by folk and roots music, from the percussive and hypnotic electronics of Steve Reid and Keiran Hebden to the sublime folk / blues explorations of folk-revival legends Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, with countless acoustic singer-songwriters.

For this show, we have chosen to present highlights from the live sets of Nalle, Juana Molina and Tunng.

Glasgow's Nalle comprise former members of the extended folk-improv-drone-jazz outfit Scatter, continuing and focussing many of the collective's preoccupations: drawing on traditional folksong, psychedelic minimalism, in a spirit of playful experimentation and structural freedom. The voice of Hanne, at once soothing and astringent, meshes with shruti box drones, wooden and straw percussion, viola, bouzouki, oud and other instruments yet more exotic to create a beautifully haunting and uncanny atmosphere.

Juana Molina, an extraordinary singer-songwriter from Buenos Aires, whose graceful and hypnotic music, flows from her acoustic guitar, askew live electronics and her mesmerising voice. Formerly a celebrated TV comic in her native Argentina, she has released several albums since 1996, three of which have been released on Domino Records in the UK, the most recent being 'Son' from which much of her Green Man set was taken.

Tunng play a mesmerising mix of folk-influenced acoustic music and busy electronica, overlaying electronic crackles, vocal harmonies, bewitching mantras and synthetic rhythms. Their two albums on Static Caravan and their prolific touring schedule have gathered them a substantial following.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Big Chill Folk Special : Vashti Bunyan, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Martin Carthy and Tunng

Big Chill Festival Vashti Bunyan, A Hawk And A Hackshaw, Martin Carthy and Tunng

Magz Hall brings you a You Are Hear show featuring folk highlights from the Big Chill Festival

featuring live performances from Vashti Bunyan, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Martin Carthy and Tunng

Vashti Bunyan is an English folksinger who debuted in 1965 in the wake of Donovan, releasing, Just Another Diamond Day (Island 1970). Vashti disappeared to Ireland for 30 years, until she was asked to guest on Piano Magic's Writers Without Homes (4AD, 2002). After three decades and a half, a new album by Vashti Bunyan finally surfaced: Lookaftering (DiCristina Stair Builders, 2005). Backed by (among others) Mice Parade's Adam Pierce, Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, and availing herself of Max Richter's discrete neo-classical orchestration, Bunyan picked up from where she left, her fragile voice sounding virtually the same,

A Hawk And A Hacksaw are the Albuquerque-based duo of Jeremy Barnes (drums, accordion, vocals) and Heather Trost (violin).
A Hawk And A Hacksaw's live set displays the virtuosity of multi-instrumentalist Jeremy plays accordion, vocals and percussion (simultaneously!) whilst accompanied by Heather on violin, glockenspiel and melodica. It's a musical journey across the most varied of terrain, dipping in and out of modern composition and American and Eastern European folk traditions.

Martin Carthy Is a legend in his own lifetime, arguably the most important English folk artist of his generation, still playing folk clubs all over the world this set was also specially recorded by us for podcast at the Big Chill Festival.
Carthy was born in Hertfordshire in 1941 and is an acknowledged influence on both Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. Carthy's pioneering ventures took him into the heart of the 70s folk explosion. He has also enjoyed over 30 years of celebrated performance with wife Norma and more recently has toured and recorded with their daughter Eliza.

Tunng play a mesmerising mix of folky acoustics and busy electronica, overlaying electronic crackles, gorgeous harmonies, bewitching mantras and synthetic beats that are reminiscent of early Beta Band, 'The Wicker Man' soundtrack and Four Tet.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You Are Hear Glade Festival Special featuring Bong - Ra

You Are Hear Glade Festival Special featuring Bong-Ra

Bong-Ra live - You Are Hear Glade Festival Special Podcast July 2006

Magz Hall brings you a Bong-Ra podcast special this is a You Are Hear show featuring highlights from the Glade Festival

Bong- Ra played a stunning set as part of the Bang Face showcase, taking us out on a high.

Knifehandchop, Gay Against You, Countryside Alliance Crew live at the Glade

You Are Hear Glade Festival Special Podcast July 2006

Magz Hall brings a special You Are Hear show featuring highlights from the Glade Festival featuring live sets from:


Knifehandchop is electronic musician Billy Pollard from Toronto, Canada. He started programming electronic beats when he was 18.
Knifehandchop takes from many different influences and styles, and mixes them together into a form of bastard pop. He uses elements from ragga, techno, hardcore, hip-hop and electro.
He has released vinyl and CD's on labels such as Tigerbeat6 and Irritant records.

Wrong music's farmer Squad back in action with
there first live show of 2006. Yardcore remixes of
the Wurzels, Booty bass Emerdale theme tune mashups
and 20+ farmers yielding bling horse brasses and
mixing in tracktor, get ready for a rural takeover.

Gay Against you

Glaswegian keytar playing noise-pop-midicore duo GAY AGAINST YOU consisting of Joe Howe aka GERMLIN & Lachlann Rattray aka YOKO OH NO!
"Gay Against You are part of a fine mentalist tradition that spans Atari Teenage Riot, Denim and Diamonds, Les Savy Fav, Devo and, er, Dweeb and are a breath of fresh air in the often po-faced pretentious Glasgow noise/improv scene."

Live Bongra special from the Glade is now also podcast check it out