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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Silver Apples Live at Corsica Studios London 08 You Are Hear Special


The latest edition of You Are Hear features an exclusive live set from legendary electronic music pioneers The Silver Apples. The Silver Apples were formed in New York in 1967 by drummer Danny Taylor and vocalist Simeon Coxe, the bands unique sound came from a hand built electronic instrument Simeon built from several oscillators with eighty-six manual controls which created a sound which predated and certainly influenced Krautrock, Suicide, Spaceman3 and a host of post rock bands such as the Klaxons who the band came to inspire some 40 years later. The Sliver Apples are now a solo act, sadly Danny died in 2005, however Simeon is very alive and kicking and as you will hear in this excellent live set recorded at the Corsica Studios in London on 12th march 2008 to a full house.

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