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You Are Hear is a podcast and online radio show brought to you by Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse(Totally Radio, Resonance FM + Kosmische) bringing you live sessions, new music, festival specials and interviews. Since May 2002 we've been exploring the outer edges of music. Hear the best cutting edge artists and bands. File under experimental alternative new music of all genres. Folk, Rock, Noise, Pop, electronic, dance, grime, electro

Friday, March 09, 2007

You Are Hear - radio show - Feb 23rd 2007 - latest alternative new music presented by Magz Hall

You Are Hear alternative new music presented by Magz Hall Feb 23rd 2007

Feb 23rd, Magz is on the run highjacking new releases from the booty bank of German based Candie Hank, grabbing fruity favela funk from Brazilian Bonde Do Role then flying 100 miles high with UK's Ninki V, breathing in the latest Air from those dashing French men to join US starlet Marissa Nadler in the midst of a mexican summer for a super roots landing from those gods of Japan the Boredoms... GO!!!!!!!!!!

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