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Friday, August 24, 2007

Rhys Chatham performing live Kosmische Club Oya Festival 2007

Rhys Chatham performing live Kosmische Club Oya Festival 2007

NY underground legend Rhys Chatham performing live in Oslo August 2007. The insistent motorik rock n roll pulse that runs from Bo Diddley to Neu! to Tony Conrad to The Ramones is captured by Rhys Chatham, the crowd rapturously lost in the joy of repetition (as Hot Chip would have it) the sublime object always just over the horizon. He played as part of kosmische night events at the Oya Festival. This is a full performance of Guitar trio which been influential on groups like Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Band of Susans, Helmut and the swans.

“Written in 1977, Guitar Trio is Rhys Chatham's signature composition, and with good reason. With a single, repeated chord, Chatham permanently altered the DNA of rock by splicing the gritty, overtone-drenched minimalism of John Cale and Tony Conrad with the elemental fury of the Ramones. The amalgamation was inspired. It energized the downtown New York scene throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, and made Chatham a founding father of the notorious No Wave movement.”

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