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You Are Hear is a podcast and online radio show brought to you by Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse(Totally Radio, Resonance FM + Kosmische) bringing you live sessions, new music, festival specials and interviews. Since May 2002 we've been exploring the outer edges of music. Hear the best cutting edge artists and bands. File under experimental alternative new music of all genres. Folk, Rock, Noise, Pop, electronic, dance, grime, electro

Thursday, June 07, 2007

You Are Hear 5th Birthday special with live sessions from Boudof Songs and Xylitol presented by Magz Hall

You Are Hear 5th Birthday special

Magz Hall presents a special live show aired on Resonance FM celebrating the You Are Hear shows fifth birthday, with live sessions in the studio from Boduf Songs and Xylitol. Plus tracks from Juana Molina, Germlin, Noxagt, Momus, The Man From Uranus, Miss Hawaii and Pram from our just released You Are Hear Sessions 2002-6 CD on our very own DIY label Hearing Aid Records. Special thanks to Will Searle for engineering. The next show is a special from the Sonar Festival in Barcelona plus an exclusive podcast from Bon Do Role is coming very very soon..

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features Pram, Juana Molina, Murcof, The Lonesome Organist, Man Fron Uranus, Germalin, Robotobibok, Momus, Ninki V, CarterTutti, Asja Auf Capri, No Bra, MissHawaii, Noxagt, David Grubbs, Oxbow, This is the Kit, Oddfellows Casino and Vanishing Breed


Podcast of the week in Time Out London!! " excellent alternative music show"

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