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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Indian special featuring Sapthaakshara live at the Big Chill Goa presented by Magz Hall

Indian special presented by Magz Hall April 27th 2007

Magz hosts this Indian special featuring a live performance from the Big Chill Goa of Sapthaakshara, who make Indian carnatic classical percussion this is where spiritual verse is woven into elaborate rhythmic cycles. Plus an exclusive first hearing of Juana Molina from our forthcoming live sessions CD out on Hearing Aid Records on June 3rd, there is a live launch event at Cargo London on May 31st full details are on the You Are Hear website. Pram, Germlin, Xylitol and the Bohman Brothers are playing with Tunng DJs and Magz, Jim and Jonny Trunk.

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